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An old army motorcycle on display at a motorcycle show


Be a Part of the Spring Show

Whether you want to enter one of our competitions or join one of our many feature and event showcases, there are lots of ways for you to be a part of the Spring Motorcycle Show.

Classic racing motorcycle
Classic & Vintage
Cash for Classics Contest
Custom motorcycle
Custom Show Bike
Speedlabs Dyno
Lotus motorcycle
Bikes on the
Red Carpet
Vintage motorcycle
Barn Find
Used motorcycles for sale
Show & Sell
Used Bike Market
Motorcycle parts
Young motorcycle racer
Race Stars of
Man reading a poem
Biker Poetry
Classic & Vintage
Cash for Classics Contest

Attention all vintage or classic motorcycle clubs, this is for you. Honouring our classic roots, we’d like to invite all Ontario vintage and classic motorcycle clubs to participate in our Classic & Vintage Display Cash for Classics competition. The stakes are high, with the top prize of $2,000 for the best display of 15 or more vintage bikes, $1,000 for best display of 10 or more vintage bikes, and $500 for best display of 5 or more vintage bikes. Plus each and every participating club will receive a cash prize.

Displays will be judged on quantity and quality of bikes and overall presentation with extra points awarded for overall Club theme and display aesthetics.

We’ll give you as much space as you need to accommodate your bikes and your display at no charge, and each member bringing a bike will receive a weekend pass to the Spring Motorcycle Show.

Custom Show Bike Competition

The Spring Motorcycle Show presents one of Canada’s largest custom bike showcases, with $20,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs. Three levels of competition even out the playing field. In the Regular Show Bike Competition, we’ve got more classes than ever before with sub-classes in Vintage, Touring, Street, Custom, Competition and Special Interest. Meanwhile, in the Pro Builders Class Competition, you can walk away with over $5,000 in cash and super-sized trophies.

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Horsepower Shootout

Think your bike has what it takes? The Speedlab/UTP Dynoworks crew will be performing dyno testing just outside the show, at Entrance 1 with realtime results displayed on a monitor in the Speedlab exhibit, inside the show at the front of Hall 1. Everyone can watch your power output build, as it's run through the gears.

Dyno runs will be scheduled on:

  • Saturday 10 am – 5 pm, and

  • Sunday 11 am – 3 pm


The winners will be cheered on by our crowds as they're awarded on the Entertainment stage on Sunday at 4 pm.

With a first place cash prize for the winner in each class, the stakes are high and the competition will be fierce! But don't worry, we've set a level playing field by limiting the competition to naturally aspirated motors only – no forced induction allowed.


So if you think you have what it takes to claim the title of horsepower champion, sign up now and prepare to unleash the full potential of your bike! Whether you ride a Harley or a sportbike, there's a class for you. To participate, simply pre-register; the entry fee is $75. On-site registration will also be accepted at the show, but we cannot guarantee a spot.

Bikes on the
Red Carpet

Each year we showcase a special collection of motorcycles representing 100 years of iconic motorcycles. These are iconic bikes that are unique, stand out from the rest and have left their mark. If you own one or more of these unique motorcycles, we invite you to enter it to be included in our Bikes on the Red Carpet Display.

Barn Finds

We’ve all heard of the intriguing finds that continue to be discovered stashed away in barns and sheds, often waiting for decades to be found – rusty heaps or beautifully patina’d ready-to-rides, basket cases or large lumps that look like they were just pulled out of a barn.

If you own one of these long lost motorcycles we invite you to bring it into the Show in it’s ‘as found’ condition. We’ll hand out awards to the top three motorcycles. Your entry fee will be waived and you will be a guest of the Spring Motorcycle Show for the weekend.

Show & Sell
Used Bike Market

It’s a seller’s market and there’s no better place anywhere than the Spring Motorcycle Show to get in front of buyers. Just $20 gets you a spot in our Show & Sell Used Bike Market on the main show floor – plus you’ll get a weekend pass, a For Sale sign, and free parking for your truck or trailer.


April dates means it’s the beginning of the motorcycle season and everyone’s thinking about riding. The timing couldn’t be better.


How to sell your bike at the Spring Motorcycle Show


  1. Register online ahead of time to save money and time.

  2. Bring your bike(s) to the International Centre, 6900 Airport Road, on Friday between noon and 11:00 pm or Saturday morning, between 8–8:30 am. Remember, clean bikes sell!

  3. Go to loading door #43 around the south side of the building and the used motorcycle market is just to the left as you come in. Look for the Show Bike & Used Bike registration office. The entry fee is payable in cash only. Don't forget your ownership!

  4. You or the new owner of the bike must be there on Sunday at 5:00 pm when the Show closes to secure the bike during move-out.


Used Bike Market FAQ

Can I use my own For Sale sign?

You must display the supplied official For Sale sign which alerts our staff that it is a properly registered bike, but you can also post your own additional sign with more details about the bike such as modifications, mileage, history or other special features.


Do I have to drain the gas out of the bike?

No, but the fire department asks that you have no more than 3/4 tank of gas in the bike. If the gas cap locks you must lock it – if not, you need to put tape over it.


Are there any commissions involved?

No, we do not take a commission on the sale of your bike. You are free to negotiate with potential buyers and the final price is between you and the buyer.


Can I sell parts with the bike?

No, the space is for a bike only, no loose parts. You can list any parts that go with the bike on your For Sale sign but they cannot be displayed with the bike. If you are selling a trailer with a bike you must pay the registration fee for both the bike and the trailer.


What if I sell my bike before Sunday?

Arrangements can be made with our Floor Managers to remove a bike once the show closes at 9 pm on Saturday if you need to remove it before the end of the Show. On Sunday, bikes will only be able to be removed after the Show closes at 5:00 pm. Please go to the Show Office if you need assistance.

Picker's Market

If you’re a vendor with hard-to-find parts for American, British, European and Japanese motorcycles, or motorcycle memorabilia and collectibles, we’ve got an area dedicated just for you. Email us to book your booth space.

Biker Poetry Contest

We know you have motorcycling in your heart and it pulses through your veins. Put your passion into words and share them with your fellow riders as part of our Biker Poetry Contest. We’ll choose the top poems an invite you to the Spring Motorcycle Show as our guest to recite the poem on stage. Winners will receive a cash prize and may have their poem published on our website and magazine.


The subject matter must relate to motorcycling in some way – your love of motorcycles and riding them, people, family, the mechanics of it, clubs, rallies, motorcycle travel and adventure. And no, your poem does not have to rhyme.

Race Stars of Tomorrow

Calling all MX, Road, Off-Road and Flat Trak racers. Take advantage of the Spring Motorcycle Show’s pre-season timing to promote yourself, connect with potential sponsors give your current sponsors valuable exposure just before the season begins. We’ll provide the sponsored booth space, introduce rider support programs from the motorcycle industry, and create workshops and seminars to assist up and coming racers on what it takes to generate and retain sponsors and engage the public to promote the sport.

This is a no-cost program – no fees to the racer participants or the companies that provide rider sponsorship initiatives. We’re doing this for the love of the sport.

All bios must be submitted by March 4, 2023.

More Info

Review the general Show info for all exhibitors and fill out the necessary Safety forms. If you've got a trailer, don't forget the parking authorization form.

Read the Exhibitor Guidelines for important information.

Fill out the Indemnity Form and obtain weekend passes for you and your staff. 

Engage the services you need to outfit your exhibit space.

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