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Kids Wanna Have Fun Too!

We're making the Spring Motorcycle Show fun for the whole family. Bring your kids and have them participate in the FREE STACYC Kids Ride Zone! They'll learn to push, balance, and coast in powered mode (the Holy Grail of fun, right?!) while learning and understanding the skills of controlling a twist-throttled bike.

The staff will get them set up with a helmet and a STACYC eDRIVE bike and get them rolling around an indoor track. It's never too early to put your kid on two wheels. With STACYC bikes, kids learn the basics of control and the excitement of riding with their friends.

Bring your camera. You're going to wanna record this.

Don't forget, Show admission for youth aged 6–12 is only $5, and kids 5 and under are free!

Kids must be between 3–12 years old (max 115 lbs) and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian with authority to sign a waiver.

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