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The Ultimate Classic Motorcycle Showcase

Get ready to see some truly unique, rare, and exotic motorcycles up close. The 31st annual Spring Motorcycle Show will host Canada’s largest indoor exhibit and collection of classic and vintage motorcycles. Prestigious motorcycles from private collections and clubs will on display with impressive themed presentations.

Celebrating the rich heritage of motorcycling

and showcasing some of the world's most

significant motorcycles.

Expect motorcycles from the Vincent Owners Club (VOC), Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group (CVMG) Headwaters and Niagara Peninsula sections, the CVMG Paris National Rally, the Ton Up Club, Ontario Norton Owners, AJS Matchless Owners, and Ontario Guzzi Owners - all who have planned massive displays.

Teams will compete against each other for more than $3K in cash and prizes and the Bar Hodgson Classic Cup trophy for the ultimate themed displays in our Cash for Classics display competition.

The CVMG Headwaters team will showcase their bikes in a garage setting from "back in the day," while the CVMG Niagara team will feature commuter, touring, and military bike usage through the years. Expect a Rockers reunion from the Ton Up Club with vintage bikes and paraphernalia from the Rockers period in England, which started in the late 1960s, rare and eccentric Nortons, rare Vincents, AJS Matchless series of Special Competition bikes, and a lot more!

This may well be the largest gathering of

classic and vintage motorcycles for an indoor

show ever!

This is definitely an event not to be missed for any motorcycle enthusiasts out there. So bring your camera, get up close and personal to these incredible and rare motorcycles, talk with their owners and club members, and enjoy what is sure to be one of the star showcases at the 2023 Toronto International Spring Motorcycle Show.

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