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Sorry, Goose, it's time to buzz the tower

Back in 1986 when the original Top Gun movie came out, Pete "Maverick" Mitchell took everyone into the "Danger Zone" at the Navy's TOPGUN strike fighter school. Beyond the incredible flight scenes, if you're like us, you sat right up and got excited when you saw Maverick's motorcycle. Seeing him race the Kawasaki on the tarmac with the jet taking off beside him was awesome, and became an iconic scene in the film.

"I feel the need, the need for speed." –Maverick

With Top Gun: Maverick returning to the big screen last year, we're excited to bring you closer to the action with a stunning replica of Maverick's Kawasaki GPZ900R Ninja and his bomber jacket – only at the Spring Motorcycle Show!

Grab your mirrored sunglasses and bring your "Charlie" to the Show to snap some pics with Maverick's bike! You don't want to miss this.

Behind the Build

1985 Kawasaki GPZ900R Ninja "Maverick" replica

Built by Pete's Classic Cycle

There were always certain vehicles that played as big a role in the films as the actors who drove them. The Elenore Mustang, Mad Max Pursuit Special, and the DeLorean Time Machine, to name a few. Unfortunately, as the collector car market has spiked, the dream of owning one became harder to reach.

So Peter Goertz, of Pete's Classic Cycle, did the next best thing; he recreated a famous movie motorcycle. This served as the perfect project which combined both his love for vintage Kawasaki’s and cinema. Plus with the release of the new Top Gun: Maverick movie, what better bike to build than Lieutenant Pete Mitchell’s GPZ900R? The final cherry on top would have to be getting the Top Gun jacket, dog tags, and sunglasses.

If you're going to do it, might as well go all in, right?

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