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Embassy Suites by Hilton Toronto Airport


Call hotel directly or book online through group personalized web link (below)

Mention Group code: Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show


One King Bed Two Room Suite
$159.00 plus applicable taxes

Rate based on single/double occupancy.
Each additional guest charged $25.00 + taxes

Beautiful and fully renovated hotel, opened Feb 2018


Suite room rate offer includes:

• Complimentary, hot & cold breakfast buffet with made-to-order omelet station (Value $25.00)

• Complimentary, daily 2hr Evening Reception with a selection of snacks and a drink (Value $25.00)

• Complimentary, Airport Shuttle 24hrs (exclusive to property)

• Complimentary Wireless High-Speed Internet

• $10.00 nightly parking rate per vehicle in our gated parking facility. Regular rate $27.00


Group Name: The Toronto International Spring Motorcycle Show


Comfort Inn

6355 Airport Road, just down
the road from the show!

Show rate includes:

• 24hr airport shuttle

• Onsite parking

• Full hot buffet breakfast

• Wireless internet throughout the hotel

• 24hr business centre


1 Km Away from the International Centre

For email reservations please contact


Or call 905 677 7331 ext 271

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Women in Motorcycling

The Spring Motorcycle Show is pleased to present the 8th annual edition of ‘Women in Motorcycling’, an area in Hall #1 that showcases an inspiring group of ladies who will make you think about and look at female riders in a whole new light.

Make sure to visit the exhibit and chat with some ordinary women who have embraced the extraordinary world of riding in the wind, and find out how they have taken that love and incorporated it into their everyday lives…

Would you like to participate in the Women in Motorcycling exhibit?
Send us an email! admin@motorcyclespringshow.com

Introducing Angie Sandow...

Angie is a Writer, Inspirational Speaker,  Musician and Motorcycle enthusiast who moved from the back to the front seat in June, 2017 and has not looked back since. Angie was born with a congenital birth defect to her right forearm however this has never stopped her. She was first exposed to motorcycling at the age of 5 as a result of her sister’s then boyfriend who owned one. To this day, Angie recalls how cool she thought he and his buddy looked on 2 wheels - all it took was a short ride around the block for her to be hooked. While she dearly wanted to ride her own bike, she never took the time to follow-up on how one could be modified until many years later, after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. This diagnosis motivated her to stop waiting and start acting. 

Grade-school served me years
of “you are ugly, stupid, a loser,
no one likes you.”
With this torment, I kept quiet.
but I tried.
Fast forward to 2018,
I wanted to do a SOLO ride
and was told, “You can’t do
it alone, you’re a woman!”
“You’re crazy, it’s a 2002
June 10th, I packed my Indian (Foxy)
and spent the next 23 days, hand on the throttle and my butt in the
saddle, riding the lightning and rolling with the thunder, for no one but me.
No real plan, no GPS, no one holding me back and most of all, no regrets.
With the open road, I touched upon every emotion known to human kind, pushing the limits... living in the moment, logging in over 11,000 km round-trip. TO – LA – NY – TO.
September 21 st 2019, collectively with approximately 10,000 women motorcyclists from all corners of the globe, I united with the "Women Riders World Relay 2019” (#WRWR2019).
Gracefully, with humor and stamina, we had “ONE” year to carry “ONE” baton through 79 countries, marking the “FIRST EVER LARGEST” recorded world-wide motorcycle relay completed in 333 days with approximately 102,223km throttled out, BY ONLY WOMEN!!!!
It was an honour to be granted Guardianship of the baton for a brief time representing Canada, escorting it to the East Coast. Late into the evening, in the middle of a bridge at the Canada/US border, as our continent is one, we were one, handing off the baton to our USA Sisters.
With a humble heart I broke away from the group to do what I love to do best,,, complete my journey alone. Once again, no plan, no GPS, just the open road to new discoveries.
My passion for riding is evident and my love for Gilroy Indian Motorcycles is clear.
If time allows it, reach inside your Soul and let your Spirit propel it!
I’ve had a second chance at this thing called life, sometimes second chances aren’t given. Don’t wait to see if you are granted one.
Gypsy Free

Featuring Linda B. Broad aka Gypsy Free

Linda Pic.jpg

Come Meet Lisa C.

I had a pony before I had a bicycle.
I learned at a young age that feeling of
riding like the wind. The horses were
gone when we moved from the country
to the city when I was 12. When I was
15 my dad bought my brother and sister
and I mini bikes and dirt bikes so we
could ride with him. Shortly there after
he bought himself a street bike and put
me on the back. I loved it.
On weekends he took me all over rural
Nova Scotia. When we moved to London
4 years later I got to explore Southwestern Ontario with him.
Life moved on and I was occupied with raising children but I never forgot that feeling of freedom and seeing the world without a windshield in front of me.
When I turned 50 I found more free time as my children became more independent. In the
summer of 2016 I found myself, quite by accident, helping out with a charity motorcycle ride and became smitten with the idea of riding myself.
Two years later I was on the planning committee for another one, Riders Against Hunger, which supported my local food bank. My first planing meeting I met Carole. She had only had her license for 2 seasons and was a mature woman. She was such an inspiration and she introduced me to Diane, another very new rider who had grown children. And then I met Angie Sandow, she was very supportive and continues to be. Now I wasn’t just smitten, I was bitten. I vowed that by 2019 I would have a bike.
I chatted with my best friend about it and she decided to join me which made it even more
exciting. I met a man that fall who supported my dream. Rick would sit patiently for hours and answer my questions, some several times, until I understood it (and stand in the GO station parking lot for hours while I rode around after completing my M2 course).
In March 2019 I wrote my M1. That same month I saw “the bike of my dreams”, a black 2005 Honda Shadow 750 Aero. It had “the look” I wanted. I bought it before I had even done the M2 course. April came and off I went to my weekend course with my bestie. Nope, I didn’t pass, but my best friend did. But 2 weeks later I went and did the test again and passed with a perfect score.
There have been times of doubt and I have taken some falls but the people in the motorcycle community are incredibly supportive of each other. I didn’t spend a lot of time in the saddle that summer due to many family and other obligations. But that’s okay. This is a journey for years to come.

Lisa C Pic.jpg

Angie’s first ride was a 2017 Honda Rebel named Hankster 1.0 after her favourite New York Ranger hockey player, Henrik Lundqvist.  After 3 months of riding, Angie moved up to a 2012 Honda Shadow Aero (Hankster 2.0) and a 2014 Honda CTX DCT 700 (Hankster 3.0) which she imported from Buffalo, New York.  All were modified so that Angie can ride with 1 hand.   Since starting to ride, Angie has put on close to 40,000 KM and is very anxious for the 2020 season to start as her objective is to explore over 30,000 KM.


In 2019, Angie founded Just Ridin to share her story and tales of determination.  Angie’s slogan - Neither 1 Hand Nor Breast Cancer Can Stop The Wheels From Rolling.    Angie recently partnered with Chris Darton of Blues Harp Productions and together they are working on a film to share her story with the hope of inspiring others.  Everyone has hurdles which they must jump in life - some of us just get over them  differently or need a helping hand.  The completed film will be submitted  to The Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival in June, 2020.


Angie is proud to share that she has secured speaking engagements at Americade in Lake George NY this June - details will be posted on Just Ridin.


Angie is honoured to be the Team Lead for the Women In Motorcycling exhibit at the Spring Motorcycle Show and looks forward to sharing her story and passion with all.  Be sure to stop by and say hello to Angie and the other ladies who will be participating in the exhibit at the Spring Motorcycle Show

Check out Angie's website at www.justridin.com

Introducing Diane Jankovics

Hi! I’m Diane Jankovics and I love motorcycles!!
It took me until I was 57 to get my motorcycle
license, Year after year, I kept on saying, “This is
the year I will do it!”, but I just didn’t get around to
it. LIFE got in the way! Then, in 2015, I was
diagnosed with Breast Cancer. That sure was a
kick in the pants!! What the heckwas I waiting for??
But, I hummed and hawed some more, and then, in
the spring of 2018, I came across a blog written by
Angie Sandow, founder of Just Ridin’, who has since
become my close friend! I was blown away by
Angie’s achievements, and so, at 57, I did it!! I
passed the M2 course and bought my first bike, a
2011 Suzuki Boulevard S40 named DAISY (Driving
Miss Daisy). Then, 3 months later, Daisy found a new
home and KERMIT came into my life. He’s a 2017
Kawasaki Vulcan S, and, as you might have guessed,
he’s green (and white). Through riding I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people. I am a member of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club, Oakville Chapter, and I have
participated in fundraisers such as Riders Against Hunger and Ride to the Wall.
This summer I will be riding in my home province, New Brunswick, enjoying East Coast hospitality and riding through one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada.
Don’t wait for life to embrace you, EMBRACE LIFE!!


Featuring Angel Scott

My name is Angel Scott. I had the privilege to be able to donate my liver in 2013 to save a life. My mother developed Dementia at the age of 60 and I watched her slowly deteriorate. 
When I turned 45 and I realized that life is too short to not live it. I made a bucket list and on the top of the list was to get my motorcycle license. 
In May 2016 I took the bike course with RTI and rode a Ninja 250 for my first season. I purchased an Indian Scout Sixty in March 2017.  Since then I became a motorcycle instructor for RTI and rode my motorcycle to Nova Scotia by myself and rode the Cabot Trail. Anything is possible if you believe you can do it.


Introducing Rhonda Drew

Well I found my true love
late in life. On a bet I got my
motorcycle license at 55. It’s a
Funny story. One that I will
regale you with in person at
the Spring Motorcycle Show!!!

I have had a very active life.
Have travelled extensively both
domestic and international.
Had my kids in my mid 30’s.
I now have 2.5 kids. (one is my
step daughter who stayed with
me after the divorce.) I got married
at 38. Got divorced at 48.
Dragged my kids around the world with me. They have travelled with me from Brazil to Belize. 
Then I started dating a gentleman who rode a Honda VTX1800. I like to be in control of my vehicles so I decided to get my own license. Went to the February bike show. I bought
A brand new 2014 Honda shadow 750cc. Went home and wrote my license. Did the course in April and picked up my bike. At the end of the riding season that year I kept the bike and boyfriend was gone. Bike had an electric start... he was a kickstart… 
6 weeks later I was on a ride to Kingston and stopped at a Yamaha dealer. I bought a bigger bike. 2003 Vstar 1100 cc. Kept it for a year then sold it and bought a 2014 Victory Vision 1740 cc, the past 5 years riding I have had 5 bikes. Their names were Liam, Jax, Casper, Moby Dick and Frankie. I have ridden from New York to South Dakota. All while dealing with brain cancer. Nothing slows me down!!!! Been 15 years and am still going, I look forward to meeting you at the bike show to share stories!!!!!


Alexandra is an insurance professional as well as a health and wellness advocate. She fights the winter blues by hitting the slopes during the winter months.

She is originally from Québec and English is her second language. She was not exposed to motorcycles unlit her mid-twenties and never rode on the back per say, she hopped straight onto the front seat.

Alexandra is a relatively new mother and has many moto plans for her young son should he decide to ride down that path with her.

She has been riding for almost 13 years now and has owned her fair share of sport and dirt bikes. Motherhood only slowed her down for the first year or so…

It is about the journey, not the destination. She is looking forward to talking about it at the show.

Featuring Alexandra Joseph


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